1200*1000 Thermoformed Plastic Products Inject Molded Custom Vacuum Forming Plastic Pallets

  • 1200*1000 Thermoformed Plastic Products Inject Molded Custom Vacuum Forming Plastic Pallets
  • 1200*1000 Thermoformed Plastic Products Inject Molded Custom Vacuum Forming Plastic Pallets
  • Shandong
  • ISO,CE
  • <>1200*1000
  • 1
  • $ 9.8-10 / Piece
  • L/C,D/P
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Pallet discription

Vacuum-formed pallets ,new tooling , long size 1970*1010*150 mm ,. it is reusable and recyclable, Thermoplastic Pallets are also more environmentally friendly.
THe Thermoforming technique is a generic term for the progress of the producing plastic parts from a flat sheet of plastic under temperature and pressure , in the highest expression of the technology. thermoforming offers close tolerances , tight specifications.and sharp details , when combined with
advanced finishing techniques , high- technology thermoforming results in products comparable to those formed by injection molding .

1. Heating system: upper and lower heating oven can be separately controlled, it is convenient to adapt to the requirements of different molds; Each heating brick can be independently controlled to achieve energy saving and high efficiency; 
2. Sheet lock System: sheet lock frame is made of hardened ace steel plate processed by the grinder, firm and non-deformed; 
3. Vacuum system :Using 200m³ vacuum pump to increase the negative pressure forming suction of the equipment; 
4. Cooling system: 4 Sirocco fans are used to blow cold air on each side of the machine to rapidly cool products;
5. Electrical control system: Adopt 10.1 inch computer screen Delta PLC operation, all the equipment molding time and action is intuitive.

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